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Mt. Gilead’s extensive high and low ropes courses are available for rental groups looking to stay for an overnight retreat in addition to local churches, schools and companies looking for a day of guided team building activities for their group.

Enthusiastic instructors facilitate these fun, energetic games that allow participants to relax, be themselves and become better acquainted with their peers. These games act as effective tools for teaching team cooperation, encouragement, problem solving, and communication.

See our SUMMER CAMP VIDEO highlighting some of our ropes course!

High Ropes

TraverseRaider Bridge
Two bridge cables attached together by small boards. 35 feet in the air These boards are spaced apart from each other and the participant must walk across them. This becomes difficult because some of the boards can move and the whole bridge swings, making balance difficult.

Burma Bridge
The Burma Bridge is constructed with one foot cable and a cable for each hand.

Dual Line Bridge
The Dual Line Bridge is constructed with one foot cable and only one hand cable.

Multi-vine Traverse
The Multi-Vine provides participants with the challenge of balance, concentration, and focus. The participant traverses the single foot cable with the use of dangling ropes or cable to grasp as they move.

BurmaBZip Line
Constructed as a single cable between two trees which participants slide down with the use of a pulley attached to the participant’s harness.

Giant Swing
The participant is attached to a cable that is pulled up by their team to the height of their choice (over 35 feet). When ready, a release cord is pulled and the participant swings. This element is a lot of fun and gets a large group of people involved in the experience at one time.


Low Elements

Trust Fall
Release control: when you drop backwards off this platform, you need to trust your team to catch you!

All Aboard
Your team has never been closer! Everyone must stand on a 2′ X 2′ platform for one song chorus, hang on to team members and communicate or else!

Three platforms and two planks, you need lowropes1to move your team across all three platforms without touching the ground.

Everyone gets on the beam and then switches sides without getting off. Sounds easy? Not with the guidelines your instructor will give you!

Mohawk Walk
Everyone gets on both ends of this zigzagging cable strung between trees. Not only must your team pass each other on the cables, but you need to use your team members to keep from falling off, otherwise you start over!

Wild Woozy
Think you can walk on a thin cable while holding onto someone else next to you? Try when the cables get farther apart as you go! This “V” shaped cable walk teaches your team members to work together.

swingFidget Ladder
A rope ladder with only two points of contact on either end. Hope you have good balance! Trust your team to spot you or you may end up on the ground. Ring the bell at the top and you did it!

Tarzan Swing
Swing your team across from one platform to another. Whatever you do, don’t let go or touch the ground. With many variations including holding a glass of water, this can be a real challenge.

Spider Web
A web rope about 5 feet high containing varying sizes of holes is stretched between two trees. Each participant must go through a different hole without touching the web, your team must work together to help you.

Suspended Log
Your instructor has various group balancing tasks for you to complete while your team stands on this suspended swinging log all at once.

Teeter Totter
You need to work as a community on this teetering platform that holds your whole team. Everyone must find the perfect balance at once to complete the challenge – not as easy as it sounds.

A challenge course classic, this 12 foot wall may look impossible from the ground but if you work together, it’s not. Get everyone over, including the last person!